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Q. I submitted my website but it is not appearing in the listings. 

A. It sometimes takes up to 2 weeks for our search listings to be updated. Sites here are added manually after we look at your site and evaluate the best description to use for your specified keywords. OUR SEARCH BOX MUST BE ON YOUR WEBSITE BEFORE YOU WILL BE ADDED TO OUR LISTINGS. This manual evaluation and attention to details takes time. We compile a list by categorys of sites submitted and update the website on approximately the 15th and the 30th of the month. Please place the search box right away after joining to avoid delays in being added to our directory. If we check your site and it is not there, you will not be rechecked until our next update time.


Q. My category page is not showing up on any major search engines.

A. When we create a NEW category page (if your chosen keyword was not already being featured on an existing listed page on our website) it will take up to 6 weeks to be listed on the major search engines. This is due to THEIR update schedule, not ours. Your category page WILL be listed within our results no longer than 2 weeks after you add your site.


Q. Can I pay with check or money order?

A. At this time we only accept payment through . This is a secure way to make your payment to us online.


Q. Can I change my description on the category page? 

A. No. Because of the number of sites signing up that are being indexed daily we can not offer this service. The description you see is based on your main keywords you specified when joining and is made to also help the page stay consistent in key word rich content which helps our pages rank high in the major search engines. If your site content has changed and the keywords you signed up with no longer apply, you need to REJOIN and purchase a new listing with new keywords.


Q. Can I specify more than 4 keyword terms? 

A. No, each site addition is allowed up to 4 keyword terms (single words or short phrases) and placed on category pages accordingly. If you need to be listed for more than 4 keyword terms you are free to purchase a second membership with the new keywords at the regular submission price.


Q. When will my banner ad start showing?

A. Banner ads are switched out for the month on approximately the 10th of the month. If your category had an open spot your ad banner will be added at that time. If your category page of choice does NOT have a spot available we will contact you for a second choice OR you are free to wait until the next spot on that page does open up, it is up to you.


Q. Why should I add the search box to my site?

A. Linking back to with our search box helps YOU! Links to our website help increase our link popularity, which is a direct factor in our rankings on the major search engines. The more links to us, the higher our category pages will rank on the search engines.

If you have a question that is not covered in the FAQ section above please contact us at 



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